Different view about 'time'

Updated: May 19

You can do a million things in a day.

Assuming that you sleep 8 hours per day, there are 960 minutes in a day. Now, it’s hard to imagine how much that is, so let’s chunk these individual minutes into 30-minute blocks.

In 30 minutes, you could accomplish a lot if you wanted to. So you have 32 30-minute blocks every day, in which, individually, a lot can be accomplished. What‘s also lovely is that accomplishments even build off each other and compound. This means that you’ll exponentially excel at anything you focus on.

Now, back to these 30-minute windows. Consider a goal you could accomplish in 30 minutes of focused work. Thirty minutes is practically enough to accomplish anything that’s within reach. This means that you could achieve 11,680 goals every year, and in 10 years, more than 100,000.

Moreover, most goals only take a few minutes of actual effort to complete, so one could do much more than 100,000; but this still proves that if you’re just a little proactive towards some goals and stay mentally present, you can accomplish almost anything, and ‘time’ is practically endless.

Now, try and feel how long a whole minute feels. You have 960 of those every day (if you sleep for 8h).

After just ten days, 9,600 of those minutes will have passed; after a year, 350,400 minutes will have passed, and after five years, 1,752,000 minutes.

Think about this, maybe even using a stopwatch; how much can you accomplish in a minute? Now, imagine how much you can achieve in 1,752,000 minutes. That’s five years.

The secret to life is to understand that life is already eternal; you need to live it more presently.

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