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Exploring your "wants"

Updated: May 19

Most people live their lives stuck in a routine; they do as they are told and get rewarded, even if what they are doing doesn’t fundamentally align with their values or represent what they want to be doing. On the other hand, a routine can also be beneficial in life; it provides structure and removes the pressure of always having to come up with “what to do next” – and when it comes to making these decisions in the present moment, most people don’t have enough intrinsic-motivation to make the right ones all the time. Therefore, sometimes being told what to do, even though you don’t thoroughly enjoy it, can be good. Ultimately, you should explore what you “want” alongside your mundane life.

Firstly, finding your “wants” is a trial-and-error process, and your “wants” are forever changing and evolving. Therefore, finding your “wants” is a continuous process, and it is something that is forever worked on to live life to your fullest potential. A “want” can stem from one of 3 things – a long-term goal, a curiosity, or a need. So, before you start exploring your “wants,” make sure you have a list of your long-term goals and things you’d want to do or try if you had extra time (this last list represents your curiosities). If your “want” stems from a long-term goal, break it into smaller goals and use them to track your process. If your “want” stems from curiosity, find out what needs to be done to develop that curiosity and break it into trackable steps. Finally, and most importantly, you must proactively schedule a time to work on these steps – tracking your progress using lists is beneficial for this step.

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