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Finding motivation

Updated: May 19

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Firstly, become aware of your routines:

  • One way to become more self-aware is by making a list of all your habits throughout a typical day (write down everything you did in a day, no matter how minuscule the pattern).

  • Next, categorize these habits by their impact on you/your day: this can be positive, negative, or neutral.

  • For example, brushing your teeth in the morning can be seen as a "positive" because keeping up with self-care is essential.

  • Another example, playing videogames for an hour after coming home from school/work can be seen as a "negative" if it interferes with other tasks or goals you should have been working on instead; however, it can also be seen as a "neutral" if it helped you recharge your batteries after a long, productive day. Stronger yet, it can even be seen as a "positive" if, for example, playing a particular video game after work allows you to stay in contact with a distant close friend that you wouldn't otherwise be able to see - or have a reason to contact.

  • Given these examples, how you rate your habits is a matter of perspective. What is only essential is that you become aware of your habits and routines - this is the first step in being able to change them.

  • Finally, as a bonus, make a list of new habits you think you would ideally replace your negative patterns with.

  • Make this list to become aware of how you could manage your time differently.

Secondly, one should actively work on adapting these (or similar) mindsets:

  • Become more proactive and be intentional about how you live life.

  • Rather than being self-doubting and living a life of inaction, try to live life on a trial-and-error basis: do this by simply doing and expecting failure rather than avoiding it - and using your failures as learning-material.

  • Stop wasting time over-thinking about irrelevant details and wasting even more time over-thinking about having wasted your time over-thinking; one shouldn't dwell on the past, instead, live life proactively, working in the present on what you think you want for the future.

  • In other words, live actively, not reactively; live in the present and work towards the future, rather than living in the past and doubting yourself in the present.

Finally, acquiring "motivation":

  • Break the cycle of living reactively by simply "doing."

  • Even if a demanding task is worked on for 5 minutes, 5 minutes of action towards a goal is better than complete inaction (often due to procrastination caused by one's natural tendency to avoid discomfort).

  • Frequently, even the most demanding tasks are way less challenging than they appear on first impression or in one's imagination.

  • Second, you must understand that action and motivation are part of the same closed-circle loop:

  • Motivation causes action

  • Action causes inspiration

  • Inspiration causes motivation

  • Therefore, if your motivation is lacking, don't wait for yourself to magically find it; you can induce motivation by starting with action.

  • This is because action (the act of simply doing something) causes inspiration, and inspiration causes motivation.

  • Therefore, to find motivation, start by simply doing.

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