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Updated: May 19

If you know what you want and do the thing you wish to, everything becomes precisely what you make it out to be.

Anything in life is a matter of perspective, and your life becomes effortless if you let it. Your life is yours, don't live your life for someone else.

Also, don't procrastinate (aka, overthink) - not doing something is worse than doing something poorly or failing. At least you did it. - Never delay doing something due to perfectionism; doing something wrong is better than not doing it at all

The key to life is combining willpower, action, and efficiency. You can only maximize efficiency if you minimize overthinking.

Remember that you have the freedom of choice and physical capability to achieve anything.

But perhaps you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe your destination is on the other side of a large forest, covered by many trees; your destiny isn't in sight, and manoeuvring through the woods seems impossible. So how do you account for all these trees? How do you best calculate your path so you won't hit anything?

You might not see your destination, but you do see your next step. So focus on your next step, every step through the forest, and make it through the woods much more effortlessly than you'd ever expect.

And remember that your thoughts of yesterday make you what you are today, so today's thoughts will make you what you are tomorrow.

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