How to win at life

Updated: May 19

  1. Have a goal (any goal)

  2. Figure out precisely what you need to do to achieve that goal

  3. Don't work more than 25 minutes without a break on that goal

  4. Take as many shortcuts as possible and make it very easy to achieve your goal

  5. It's better to work inefficiently than not at all, so don't procrastinate - there is no point in doing nothing.

  6. Keep a meditative mindset

  7. Outsource anything that you are stuck on for more than 5 minutes

Realize that life can be effortless. All you have to do is know what you want and work your way to do it.

How to understand what you want:

  • This is a trial and error process, and your "wants" are forever changing and evolving.

  • A want can stem from a goal, curiosity, or need.

  • If your want stems from a long-term goal, break it into smaller goals and use them to track your process.

  • If your want stems from curiosity, find out what needs to be done to develop that curiosity and schedule some time just to do it.

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