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Updated: May 19

Every single thing in life has two sides. Reality is the side of things you choose to believe. Enlightenment means understanding this fact and freely being able to choose which side of things you believe. Everything in life is right and wrong, evil and holy, true and false, good and bad, fortunate and unfortunate at the same time. If you see situations as “good” or “being the way it’s supposed to be,” you can keep your head above water. This is not to say that you should suppress negative emotions; these exist because it signals that something is wrong. Even this post can be seen as right and wrong simultaneously. Regardless, if you choose to see things optimistically, you won’t be as negatively affected when things don’t turn out the way you wanted. At some point, it’s important to leave things behind you.

Following, never live with expectations for things you can’t directly control because then, if something doesn’t go according to your expectations, you’ll conclude that it was not how you “intended it to be”, and you will be unhappy. Therefore, since your happiness depends on your expectations, if your expectations are outside of your control, your happiness is outside of your control. Instead, live life in the moment, consciously choosing to live your moments blissfully, regardless of your circumstance, and you will lead to a more blissful life.

In the end, all religions will try to teach you two concepts: unconditional love for everyone/everything and optimism/faith that “everything happens for a reason” / “is the way it’s supposed to be” / “is good.” If you genuinely believe this, no matter your religion or what you think is “truth,” no matter your circumstance, you will never be unhappy, scared, pessimistic, unmotivated, and all negativity disappears. And without this negativity, you can pretty much accomplish and do anything; and you’ll be content with what you accomplish. Optimism provides you with a feeling of abundance, blissfulness, happiness, and a state of feeling content with what you have. Pessimism limits you, makes you overthink, tires your mind, and makes things feel more complicated than they have to be.

To live an endlessly happy life, you simply need to need life with a smile, only do the things that bring you joy (so, don’t waste time on low-value activities that ultimately don’t bring you happiness), and allow results to effortlessly come to you - without holding any expectations over things you can’t control, if you have any goal - just work towards it and smile doing it because goals should only be goals if they make you happy - what’s the point of absolutely anything if it doesn’t make you happy. Next, realize that every minute you spend overthinking a goal is a minute less you’re spending towards it, use your brain as a tool, not as a handicap, and avoid any distractions that hypnotize you into wasting time (drugs, YouTube videos, music, porn, low-value sex, over-eating, over-thinking, tv-shows, videogames, etc.) Simply put, don’t waste your time on any activity that you do compulsively or mitigates your sense of self and presence.

I believe that your state of mind is a choice, and it’s all a matter of perspective. And, I think we spend more time in our heads than in the real world (actually doing things), so the secret is getting out of your head and just working towards something - literally, anything that brings you happiness.

This being said, please find a balance; even drinking too much water will kill you.

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