The language of the universe

Updated: May 19

Action is the language of the universe. Thoughts influence actions and words affect thoughts, but ultimately, every action you take, anything you do, walks you down a particular path. People can only influence your thoughts, but without forcing you, they cannot control your actions, so in the end, you are solely responsible for your destiny by the paths you choose to take.

You can say and think whatever you want, but the universe doesn't understand language - language is a human construct. The universe only speaks the language of action.

Stop thinking, stop saying stuff; start doing, and everything you want will happen.

One should seek to unify Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions.

Develop your heart, mind, and then gut.

Care comes first; you need to care enough with your heart, then, with your mind, increase your knowledge, and once you've acquired wisdom, trust your gut and let it lead you into performing an action.

Care ➡️ Wisdom ➡️ Action

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